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About Us

In the 1990s, mountain bikers in the Greater Cincinnati Area had few locations where they could use their bikes as they had been designed to be used…on off-road trails.  Enjoying the sport meant hours of driving to other spots in the Midwest.  That changed in 1997, when a group of dedicated riders came together to create a trail network in the region.  The Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance (CORA) now maintains more than 60 miles of public multi-use trails within one hour of downtown Cincinnati.  Through activities like trail building days, racing events, and social gatherings…we foster a healthy off-road community in and around the Queen City.

As of June 2012, we teamed up with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to strengthen mountain biking advocacy all across the state of Ohio!

Trail Design

We use IMBA’s sustainable trail design techniques…

Trail Building

We build and maintain trails around the Great Tri-State Area…


We love to teach and educate on mountain bike safety and trail responsibility

Having Fun

CORA members are always up for fun group events

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